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The story of the Chemotherapy Bag started in the West Country when a young lady, in her early 30's, was diagnosed with cancer.
She thought to herself, when I was pregnant, I was given a bounty pack to help me along the way. But now I'm undergoing chemotherapy, and I'm alone, they give me nothing. So her little local community came up with the idea to give each new chemotherapy patient a gift bag. This idea has come to East Kent and it is our little local community that is helping us to provide on average 40 bags a week to patients beginning their chemotherapy across the area.

What is a Chemotherapy Bag?

A Chemotherapy Bag is a small bag filled with items to help provide patients with some small comforts while they are undergoing their treatment. Although chemotherapy saves lives, the treatment is not without side effects. Patients will experience nausea, sensitive skin, hair loss among many other side effects. Each item in the bag is carefully selected to help with these side effects. Here's a list of items included in each bag:

- Soft Toothbrushes - Toothpaste - Lip Balm - Hand Cream - Hand Sanitizer - Pad & Pen - Wipes - Tissues - Puzzle Books - Bags of Boiled Sweets - Head Scarves - Soft Gloves - Sun Cream - Ginger Biscuits -

What does the organisation do?

In East Kent alone, 40 patients every week begin their chemotherapy treatment.
That adds up to just over 2,000 patients every year.
Our aim is to provide each patient with a Chemotherapy Bag, and our long-term aim is to extend this as far as Medway and beyond.
We are able to provide practical support, and advice about any issues relating to benefits or cancer services in the area.

How can I help?

We rely on community support to keep our organisation running. To find out what we need, or make a donation, click here to visit our Donations page. To see our fundraising events, click here to visit our Events page. You can like our facebook and share with your friends - the more people we can reach the better!

We thank all of you! Cancer now affects 1 in 2 of us, so your help is greatly appreciated!
The answer is TOGETHER we CAN make a difference!