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So where do I begin this story, well I suppose the beginning is the best place.
2018 had started with, as everybody thinks, a sense of optimisim and hope. We were no different, our children were grown and all successful, our grandchildren were growing and life was looking rosy. I had said to my wife Lee, we need to do this, this and this, this year, so I booked 5 holidays of various lengths, not all exotic but enjoyable. We looked forward to the intended visits to different parts of the UK, then in March of 2018 our world changed forever.
One evening totally out of the blue, on taking home a couple of our grandchildren, Lee suddenly developed a severe pain in her chest. This pain continued to get worse and I called an ambulance. Lee was blue lighted to QEQM, after a very long wait it was decided, she might have gallstones and we were sent home. Lucky for us, on seeing our local GP he ordered (in error) an upper and lower pelvis CT, this is where the Mass was discovered. After various tests and biopsies, we ended up in the Oncology department and Chemotherapy. I was suddenly taken to how lonely this must be for patients and that Cancer didn't happen to us, it happened to the family next door. So began Lees battle alone, as all you can do is be there in a supporting role, as Cancer affects you in ways you can never believe.
I'd heard of the idea of presenting a gift bag to chemotherapy patients. Well I thought this was a great idea and I decided to coordinate the delivery of the bags. Being very optimistic as it turned out, I promised I would deliver 500 bags in the next 12 months but the real figure will be around 2000. Just as Cancer has hit my family, it will affect 1 in 2 of us in my lifetime.
As I started the idea, Claire at Pass Driving School started helping, along with Andy at Dreams Estate Agents Ltd, Emma at Gingerbreads Snack Bar, Mortimers Restaurant, and Sarah, Erika at the The Beauty Barber. From a standing start we have been able to provide enough bags for at least the first three weeks So what does the future hold for us as a family? Lee cannot have anymore treatment, the Cancer has not gone, but we live in hope as we are now in God's hands as to the future. We will continue to fundraise for the Chemotherapy Bag Cancer Project.
So I close this post, with these thoughts, I am very grateful to my children and the older grandchildren who understand the pressure and problems caused by this illness, but most of all, I give my love to Lee, the mother of our 4 children, for the way she is fighting with a quiet dignity and an immense courage xx

- Graeme (Principal Trustee)